June 19, 2021

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Could My Girlfriend Be Pregnant?

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13th of this month I met with my girlfriend for the first time since we started dating (Long distance relationship),

so along the line we became intimate, we didn’t have sex(She’s a Virgin) though I tried penetrating but I stopped.

So I just rubbed my d*ck on her vjay(for some minutes), that was all. I didn’t ejaculate but I know I had pre cum on my dick at some point when all these were going on. She was supposed to see her period on the 18th but it didn’t start well, it started 19th but the flow wasn’t as it used to be, it was not heavy, it didn’t flow well, down to 21st(she was supposed to end 21st).

So today (23rd) she called me that she’s still seeing blood and towards the end of today (this evening), it became kind of pinkish as against the usual red from 19th to 21st. She’s also having just mild cramps and normally her cramps are serious. I’m scared now, I don’t know if she’s pregnant because I’ve checked the net and I’ve read some scary facts about periods and pregnancy.

We can’t afford to have the baby. It’s very funny because there was no penetration and I had only pre cum.

Can pre cum impregnate a Lady just like that??. That’s really not my first time doing that. She’s very worried and has been on my neck, I am losing my peace. I’m hoping she’d do the strip test when it’s above 2 weeks to be sure.

Has anyone been in such a situation before??. Please help, I’m not myself anymore. I just need my peace back.

Help please.

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