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Christmas is coming, so why not rejoice with a really British Christmas pudding ice cream! However doesn’t it take weeks to bake a type of puddings? That’s true so until you have already got one, we’ll give attention to the stuff that gives most of its signature flavour: the scrumptious mincemeat – a really Christmassy mixture of raisins, blended candied fruit peel, sugar and unique spices!


The British Christmas pudding (also called plum pudding or “pud”) supposedly has a historical past that goes all the way in which again to medieval occasions. The recipes have various broadly over time and precisely what goes into the pudding usually stays a matter of household custom to this very day. Some dislike the pudding and discover it overbearingly heavy – fortunately, our ice cream will escape that hurdle so learn on even for those who think about your self a sceptic!


The UK’s days as chief of an empire – in addition to its time as a member of the European Union – are over, however the Christmas Pudding custom will doubtless nonetheless endure 😉


The current-day “cannon ball-version” stems from the Victorian period, and British colonialism ensured that the “pud” was unfold vast and much – together with to Australia, to New Zealand and to South Africa. Empire-strengthening PR efforts within the 1920’s started spreading the Christmas pudding recipe of the royal household throughout the British Empire: one thing which additionally result in a sure “streamlining” of the recipe. Purists nonetheless think about correct Christmas pudding ought to be ready weeks prematurely, permitting ample time for the flavours to mature and the pudding to be soaked with the alcohol of alternative.

However we don’t have time for that now. And fortuitously, our ice cream might be prepared in a single day!


Two methods to make Christmas pudding ice cream: The cake manner 

Let me first state the apparent: if you have already got a bit of Christmas pudding, you possibly can in fact merely chop it up and add it to any nice ice cream base you want! Personally, I like the simple Philadelphia (American)-style base which I feel is ideal for cookies.

… and the “stuffings only-way”!

However what for those who don’t have a pudding? Or – like me – had one, however ate all of it earlier than I obtained round to creating the ice cream?

Don’t fear: the ice cream we might be making now’s primarily based upon the flavourful foremost stuffing of the Christmas pudding: Mincemeat – a really British well-chopped mixture of candied fruit peels, raisins, unique spices and sugar. It may be store-bought, however this may increasingly solely be a handy choice for those who already dwell someplace the place Christmas puddings are also readily on the market.


Fortunately, it’s potential to make mincemeat ourselves. There are a lot of, many recipes on the market, so when you have a private favorite, that must also work completely!

(for those who purchase yours, or use a special recipe, you might need to exclude the suet: this clearly non-vegetarian inclusion of animal fats is historically a part of the mincemeat, however can fortunately be excluded on this ice cream recipe!).

Similar to Christmas puddings usually, our mincemeat will enhance in flavour-depth the longer you let it soak. Nonetheless, you need to be capable of get a superb end result even for those who solely let it sit in a single day.

To maintain the mincemeat firm, we are going to mix it with a impartial custard ice cream base. Whereas I feel that the egg-based custard matches properly (Christmas puddings additionally comprise eggs, for starters), you possibly can in fact additionally use different ice cream bases for those who like: the egg-free Sicilian gelato kind ought to be one excellent various!

With regards to raisins, I like to recommend that you simply attempt to discover totally different varieties (reminiscent of sultanas and currants), in step with the standard number of Christmas pudding stuffing.


Let’s begin with the mincemeat: Measure up the raisins and the candied fruit peels and chop them up. Add the sugar and the spices. Grate a bit of apple and pour over some brandy (or armagnac, or candy sherry, whichever you fancy or have at hand). Not keen on alcohol? – attempt including some candy apple juice as a substitute!

By the way in which: the alcohol doesn’t solely add to the flavour-depth however will even act as a de-freezer, making your ultimate ice cream find yourself softer than standard (so it’ll consequently additionally want extra time than standard to “agency up” in your freezer): good to know for those who favor your ice lotions to be agency slightly than tender.

Unique spices, candied fruit peel, raisins of various sorts … already in Medieval occasions, one of many primary concepts behind the Christmas pudding recipes was to make use of plenty of costly and unique substances!

When you’re performed, put your mincemeat apart and let it soak in a single day (and even longer, when you have the time to spare).

Now, let’s flip to the custard base.

We are going to take the Modernista strategy – combining the dairy, the sugar and the egg yolks from the very starting. Convey this combine to the so-called Nappe stage (roughly within the 82-84º C /180-183ºF-bracket), guaranteeing correct pasteurisation. Take the bottom off the warmth and let it quiet down. Since we ideally ought to let the mincemeat soak in a single day, the ice cream base ought to spend the evening within the fridge: ensuring that it’s actually chilly relating to the churning will velocity up the method – all the time a superb factor, as this can scale back the danger of nasty, huge ice crystals forming within the ice cream.

The (impartial) custard base: prepared for churning!

In direction of the top of the churning or proper after, combine within the mincemeat. Put the ice cream in a freezer-safe container, cowl with plastic movie and let agency up a few hours or extra.

Our custard base is prepared! A nice impartial palette on which we’ll “paint” our Christmas pudding flavours!

The mincemeat combine will be added over the last levels of churning, however to make sure even distribution it is perhaps even higher to fold it into the ice cream proper after the churning.


The folding is over! Now, the ice cream ought to be put into the freezer to stabilise for a number of hours earlier than serving (until you want your ice lotions on the tender aspect). Keep in mind that using alcohol will lengthen the time this sometimes will take.

A Christmas ice cream price its pudding!

Christmas pudding ice cream!


Christmas is alleged to be a time for traditions, and what might be extra conventional than a British Christmas pudding ice cream? By specializing in the flavourful substances, the ice cream not solely appears to be like good – it additionally gives the alluring advanced and wealthy mix of unique spices, fruits and raisins in a surprisingly “gentle” manner: nice information for individuals who have a tendency to search out the puddings themselves too sturdy! The custard base offers the tasty conventional flavours full roam, and ensures that the ice cream has a nice texture and scopability.

In brief – for those who harbour any optimistic emotions about Christmas puddings, I imagine you’ll discover this candy ice cream model most pleasing certainly!

Christmas Pudding ice cream



  • 250 gram mincemeat [the British fruit-spice mix one, preferably without any suet!]
  • OR (when you have no mincemeat at hand):
  • 90 gram raisins (ideally equal components of sultanas, currants and “atypical” raisins)
  • 60 gram blended candied fruit peel OR candied orange peel
  • 2 tablespoons of sunshine or darkish brown sugar
  • ½ teaspoon floor nutmeg
  • ½ teaspoon floor cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon floor cloves
  • ½ teaspoon allspice
  • grated zest of 1 orange
  • ⅓ of an apple (grated)
  • 60 ml (1/four cup) brandy or armagnac or candy sherry (like Pedro Ximénez)
  • [don’t want to use alcohol? – use some sweet apple juice instead!]
  • 400 ml (1.7 cup) complete milk
  • 400 ml (1.7 cup) cream
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 80 ml (1/three cup) sugar
  • pinch of salt
  1. Chop the raisins and the candied fruit peels finely, add the sugar, the grated apple and the spices.
  2. Pour over and blend with the alcohol of your alternative and put aside to soak, at the very least in a single day.
  3. (If you’re in a rush and need to velocity up the flavour-fusion somewhat, you might put your mincemeat in your micro-wave for 30-60 seconds earlier than setting it apart).
  1. Combine dairy with the egg yolks and the sugar in a sauce pan and whisk properly.
  2. Placed on the range and gently deliver the combo to the “Nappe stage” (= within the temperature bracket of 82-84º C /180-183º F).
  3. Take the bottom off the range, let quiet down and ideally chill in your freezer.
  4. Churn the chilled base in your ice cream machine, or still-freeze utilizing your freezer.
  5. In direction of the very finish of the churning or simply after it has completed, combine within the mincemeat and be sure that it’s appropriately distributed within the ice cream.
  6. Return the ice cream to the freezer to stabilise at the very least a few hours or extra (the ice cream is sweet additionally freshly churned, however those that favor their ice lotions to be firmer ought to wait somewhat 😉 )


A scope of scrumptious Christmas pudding ice cream, nonetheless pleasantly tender after a few hours within the freezer.


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