Ben & Jerry’s Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough Chunks

[New for 2021] I am nonetheless bummed that I by no means discovered the 2 vacation
snackable doughs (gingerbread and cinnamon bun), however I used to be stoked to seek out the
two new 2021 flavors. That is proper, I discovered the very tasty wanting tonight dough
chunks and…

B&J Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough

snackable dough

In the event you look intently, you may see tiny shade specks within the cookie dough.

Now I do know it would not tremendous properly as a result of it appears fairly dry, however I
was nonetheless fairly excited. I dug in and was pretty underwhelmed, however I ought to
have anticipated that. I do love sugar cookies, however with my sugar tolerance being
pretty excessive, and based mostly on all the opposite flavors of theirs that I’ve tried, I
ought to have anticipated these to be dialed in like they’re.

Now, I’m not saying that they’re dangerous (boy I say that alot today), what
I’m is saying is that I simply wished them a bit sweeter. Total they’re
pleasing. Extra importantly, they’re far more pleasing than the overly candy
Tollhouse funfetti edible dough.

So, I feel I like them, however I positively did not get the urge to scarf
the entire bag down.

On Second Scoop: As anticipated, these have grown on me. What I do is
simply not eat a ton of them once I’m hungry. I’d say that the chocolate
chocolate chip model continues to be the gold normal of desirous to inhale the
complete bag. These are extra of only a good fast snack. Only a fast shot of
respectable dough after which again in your manner.

Verdict?  gentle however pleasing
Purchase Once more?  from time to time already did

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