June 14, 2021

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BAD GUY ️KILLER … Episode 7

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(I must revenge for her)
Episode 7
Written by: Author Kelvin
⚠Rated: (13+)⚠
.☘️Kayden’s POV☘️
“M..Mum, what are you doing,” i stammered as i stared at her in disbelief.
“shhhhhhh,” she said crossing her hand on her lips signifying for me to keep quiet.
“don’t you know that we could get caught..
i haven’t even finished my statement when she gave me a kiss to my lips..
at first i resisted the kiss, but when the romance was becoming more hotter, i was forced to reciprocrate to the kiss.
i didn’t even knew when my hands landed straigth to her V*irgina..
“Oh my Gosh!! That s*x was great, i just wish we would continue doing this forever,” she said to me while i hissed at her and walked out of the room.
“Where are you coming from?” Jayden asked as soon as he saw me entered the room.
“e..ermm..I..i was just coming from the toilet,” i stammered.
“i checked the toilet, but i couldn’t find you,” he pointed out.
“y..yes, i went to get some book before i went into the toilet,” i said.
“alright, but why are stammering,” he asked further.
“nothing,” i said sharply.
“alright, let’s play a game,” he fumed.
“uhn, what game is that,” i asked.
“Truth or Dare,” he said.
“what!!! I f*ucking hate that game!!! No way!!! I am not playing!!!” i half yelled.
“please let’s just play it for once,” he pleaded.
“i said no!!! Don’t you get it?? I so f**king hate that game,” i yelled.
“please. Just once,” he pleaded.
“o..ok, just once o, i am only playing it because of you,” i said calmly.
“ok, thanks,” he said and went inside his warddrobe to get something.
within a swift moment, he was back with a container.
“are we good?” Jayden asked.
“yea,” i replied as he rolled the container.
the container rolled and the head landed on my side.
Jayden smiled and asked me:
“Truth or dare,”
Oh my God!! This it not good.
“Truth,” i replied.
“okay, what’s inside the diary, that you’re keeping safe.
“hell no!!! I can’t possibly tell you when i haven’t read it!,” i yelled.
“uh, but you can possibly read it now,” he replied.
“oh, please. What are the consequences,” i asked Jayden.
“if you can’t do what they asked of you, you will not talk to anybody in the school tommorow.
“okay, i agree. You see the reason why i hate this game,” i pointed out.
“oya roll it, again,” i said to him as i watch him do so.
the container rolled for some time, before it finally stopped and landed at Jayden’s side.
“Truth or Dare,” i asked in a quick mode.
“Dare,” he beamed.
“okay, i dare you to go to your mum’s room and give her a dirty slap(✋),” i commanded rolling my eyes.
“what??? What kind of commandment is that?,” he asked in a confused look.
“are you doing or not?,” i asked.
“no, fine.. I won’t talk to anyone in the class tommorow,” he said.
“ok, i think i love this game, it’s getting more interesting..
Just then we heard a knock on the door.
“come in,” Jayden shouted.
just then, the door burst open revealing Cinderrela. She looks so sexy in her bumshort.
“OMG!!!,” I sreamed in suprise.
“Cinderrella, please come, have your seat,” Jayden said.
she came foward and sat down behind the place that we were playing our game.
“cindy, how are you?” i asked.
“am fine, you?” she beamed.
“cul, would you mind if you join us?” i asked further.
“what game?” she asked as she sat down properly.
“Truth or Dare,” Jayden chipped in.
“oh, am playing. I love that game,” she said in excitement on her face.
“ok,” he said and rolled it.
the container rolled and landed at Cinderella’s side.
“Truth or Dare,” Jayden asked.
“uhmmm, Truth,” she replied.
“ok, between me and Kayden, who do you like the most,” Jayden asked.
“Kayden,” she replied as i felt my heart leave my body.
“is she stupid?? Does she have to say it in front of Jayden?? I guess am breaking up with her, right away,” i said in my head as i Watch Jayden looked at her in a disgusting look.
“okay, let’s continue,” i aroused as i gave her the container.
she rolled it as it pointed to Jayden’s side.
☘️Jayden’s POV☘️
“Truth or Dare,” she said facing me.
“truth,” i replied immediately.
“If you were giving the chance to have s-x with me, will you do it??” she asked
i know she’s asking me to know whether i still love❤️her, i know. I don’t even like her agan so i just replied.
“no,” i replied.
“ok, it’s your turn,” she said and gave me the container.
i rolled it and it landed at Cinderella’s side.
“Truth or Dare,” i asked.
“Dare,” she replied.
i smiled and Said to her;
“I dare you to have s-x with Kayden, right here in my viewing,” i beamed.
i could see shock on the two of them.
“s..is..s..is,” she stammered.
“what are the conseqences?” she asked.
“pay a fine of $1,000,” i replied and looked at Kayden, who wanted to say something, but i whisper to him to keep quiet.
“ok, i agree to do it,” she said to me. While i watched her as she stand up and walked to Kayden.⏰.
i exclamed at her as i watched her sreamed Kayden’s name in ectacy.
“we’re done,” she said as she licked Kayden’s cum.
“ok, let’s continue,” i said as i passed the container to Her.
“huh, am not playing again, my mother may be searching for me,” she said while i burst out laughing.
“bye,” Kayden said to her as we watched her leave the house.
“bro, why did you make that kind of Dare???” Kayden yelled at me as soon as she saw cinderella leave.
“shhhhh, just cool down, i just wanted to confirm whether she still loves me or not,” i replied Kayden.
“meaning??” He asked.
“i mean whether she will agree to have s-x with you, unknowningly, because i sence that she don’t love me.. Well am breaking up with her,” i said to Kayden as i sniffed in pain.
“oh, am so sorry..
“hey sons, dinner is ready,” she yelled cutting Kayden off his word.
☘️Kayden’s POV☘️
i gerked as i heard Charlie calling us to take our dinner.
“what if she shout at me for hissing at her?
what if he does something stupid?
i just pray she dosen’t do something stupid!!!” i said in my mind as i followed Jayden into the dinning.
i walked into the dinning as i saw her sharing the rice into the plate. I winked at her while she responded and started blushing.
⏰7 minutes later⏰
“thanks mum, for the food you gave us,” i said to her.
“it’s nothing, son, you are welcome,” she replied while i worked into my room,
within a jiffy, Jayden also came into the room.
i stared at the ceiling, not knowing what to do.
just then, i rememered i promise to break up with Cinderella.
i quickly lodged into my facebook account and saw that she was online.
Cindy➡hey, how are you doing? Hope you enjoyed the s-x?
Me➡i aren’t here to talk about that s-x!!!
Cindy➡uh, what happened!! Did Jayden suspect our relationship?
Me➡hell no. It’s just that.. I feel somehow when i realised am actually dating my bestie’s girlfriend. I feel neglected with pain and sorrow.. So am just telling you the truth that this relationship has To come to an end.. It not gonna continue..
you can continue with your relationship. Sorry for the inconvieness.
Cindy➡ Om my God!!! Tell me you are joking!!! Tell me!! I will just kill myself.
Me➡ am sorry for the inconvieness.
i typed as i lodged out an drop my phone on the bed…☺️
☘️Jayden’s POV☘️
I Sighed as i typed and send to Cinderella.
“at least i have break up with her,” i said and sighed.
just then, my eyes went to where Kayden is and i saw that he was already asleep.
his phone was still on and i ran and touched it before the phone offs.
i quickly lodged into his account to see if he had any thing common between him and cindy.
as i logged in, i saw a message from Cindy which read➡ please. Don’t leave me.
i srewed it to the up to see their previous chat and behold!!
Kayden was dating cindy on my back..
Hmmmnn, this one that Jayden has found out so. The house will be hot for Kayden o.


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