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(I must revenge for her)
Episode 14
Written by: Author Kelvin
⚠Rated: (13+)⚠
.☘️Kayden’s POV☘️
We walked to the principal’s office.
One could see the principal’s face, boiling in anger.
We entered the principlal’s office and we saw Mr. Idris there too boiling in anger.
“Scott, why did you slap your English Teacher??” the principal scolded him.
“I’m sorry sir. It was because of my anger sir” he pleaded.
“Shut the hell off, is that why you should slap your teacher?? Are you insane??” he asked and slapped Scott hard in his face.
“I’m sorry sir” he pleaded as he winced in pain.
“Now, Kneel down and apologize to..” Mr. Idris didn’t let the principal to complete his statement, when he yelled aloud.
“I Don’t need any opology. Give me the resignation book. I’m leaving this school, right away” he half yelled at the principal.
“Mr. Idris!!! He said he’s sorry. Please and please. Forgive him, for the sake of me, please…” he pleaded.
After what seems like eternity, Mr. Idris finally give in to the apology.
“Okay. I have forgiven him. But next time. He tries to do anything stupid with me, i swear, i’m gonna leave this school immediately” he barked and slammed the door hard after leaving the principal’s office.
“You see?? You see what you guys have caused?? Because of your stupid activity, the English teacher is between leaving and staying” he muttered under his breath.
“We are sorry, sir” we chorused together.
“Now you have to face your punishment for fighting. Because you broke the law of these university” he said making me flinched in fear.
“What!!!” i screamed.
“Yes, you’ll have to face the consequences for fighting” he said as i gulped down nerviously.
“What’s the punishment sir??” i asked already shivering from fear.
“You guys will suspended for two (2) weeks” he muttered as my jaw dropped immediately.
“Principal, i know you love joking. Please tell us our real punishment” i mumbled in a laughing tone.
He brought out a book and started signing in what seems like the book where the students name is written.
“I’m serious. And as you can see, I Have already signed you and Scott’s name in the suspension book” he said as he showed me the book.
at that moment, i felt my heart leaving my body.
“Where do i go to??
Whom do i stay with??
How i’m i going to tell Mrs. Charlie??
Omg, i’m doomed!!!” i said in my mind.
“Sir. We are sor…” i haven’t completed my statement when Scott cutted in.
“oh, is that so??” Scott asked in a moking manner.
“I Even thought it was something more difficult. I didn’t know it was just a suspension for (2️⃣) weeks” he muttered as he walked up to the exit of office.
“See you guys till next two weeks. And as for you, just note that the battle has just began” he said jammed the door.
“Oh my Goodness!!! I don’t know what is pratically wrong with Scott. He is just behaving like an outcast” the principal said as he sighed in fustration making me chuckled.
“Sir, plea…”
“Just shut up”
“Shut the hell off”
“Get out of this room and never returned till two weeks” the principal yelled at me making me flinched in fear.
I bowed my head dowfully as i came out of the office.
“Where am i gonna stay??
“where do i go to??
i’m doomed.
“Hey, Kay” Jimin called jotting me off my thought.
“Hey Jim, how are you doing??” i asked feeling perplexed.
“i’m gud ” i haven’t finished my statement when the principal called me.
“Kayden. To my office immediately.
“Ok, sir” i said and entered into the office.
“you can continue with your studies. But make sure you don’t fight again in school.
“Okay sir. Thanks” i said feeling happy.

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