June 14, 2021

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BAD GUY ️KILLER … Episode 13

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(I must revenge for her)
Episode 13
Written by: Author Kelvin
⚠Rated: (13+)⚠
.☘️Kayden’s POV☘️
My mouth formed an “O” when Mr. Idris called Scott back.
“What!!!! Is he being serious???” i mumbled at myself.
“Why are you late for the class??” he asked Scott, who looked at him without answering.
“I’m talking to you. Why are you late to my class??” he yelled at Scott. And whipped the cane on Scott’s forehead.
Scott winced in pain and looked at Mr. Idris. With his eyes boiling in anger.
the next thing i heard was;
“GBOIIIIIANNNN” a hot resounding slap landed at Mr. Idris’s face.
☘️Scott’s POV☘️
The anger in me was unwithstanding as i couldn’t deal with Kayden.
i tried as much as possible to calm it as i entered the class but this fool called; Mr. Idris angered me more by whipping the cane on my head.
i didn’t wasted any time by realeasing a hot slap on his face. That would teach him a lesson never to mess with THE BEAST.
my face went to the other side of the class and my eyes met with Kayden. He was there – Kneeling down in the front of his class.
“Gosh…that is the least of things i can do in my life. I hate Kneeling down. I need to teach this b—-h how to learn his lesson” i muttered and grabbed him close to me.
I Was already preparing another hot resounding slap to Mr. Idris when i felt some deep pain flow down from my back.
as i turned to see who it was, a fast approaching punch landed right on my eyes, as i groaned and staggered backwards.
“What the heck???” i screamed in pain because the pain coming from my eyes was unbearable.
Within few seconds, my eyes were as normal as i tried to figure out who the intruder is, and behold. It was Kayden. The idiot i fought with few minutes ago,, i know he’s here for another trouble.
i wanted to aviod him and went quietly to my seat.
but the foolish students keep hailing Kayden:
“Kayden, Kayden, Kayden, Kayden, Deal with him”
other students was shouting:
“Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott.. Deal with Kayden. Beat him.. Show him you’re the boss in this school” the students keep yelling as Mr. Idris left the class angrily.
Before i knew what was happening,, a swift kick landed on my stomach as i groaned and fell on the floor.
as the students keep hailing him.
i got up immediately and gave him a punch.. With the anger in me, i started giving him ifinity punch. As blood gushed out from his mouth. I realeased heavy punchs on him as he coughed out blood while students ran out of the class.
Kayden inturn, over powered me and got off the ground immediately.
i was about realeasing another punch on him when he held my hand and gave me a fast approaching super man puunch on his nose. The pain in between me was something else. I wondered why his hands was so strong.
he continued with his punch. As fate could have it. I almost passed out.
i tried as much as possible to free from him. But he was much stronger than me. After what seems like eternity, he left go off me and started starring at me.
” I Need go kill him. I must make sure he dies today. ” i said as i ran out of the class to go get some Cutlasses.
☘️Mr. Idris’s POV☘️
I Gritted my teeth angrily as i walked to the principal’s office.
” I Don’t think i can continue teaching in this school ” I muttered as i barged into the principal’s office.
“What is the problem?? Why did you barge into my office just like that??” the principal asked already boiling in anger.
“Sir, i don’t think i can continue teaching in this school”
“I Need the resignation letter now” i half yelled at the principal.
“What??” the principal shouted as he heard the word ‘RESIGNATION LETTER’.
“Mr. Idris calm down.. Calm down.. What happened” the principal said with a cool voice.
“Don’t tell me to calm down. Don’t tell to calm down. How can i calm down when your student, Scott. Slapped me for scolding him that he calm late” i yelled at the principal.
“What!!!! Scott did what??✖️
Scott slapped you??⚡⚡
i’m coming.⚡⚡. Just give me 3️⃣ minutes⏰” The principal said and ran out of the office.
☘️Principal’s POV☘️
I sighed in fustration as i ran as my legs could carry me.
“I Can’t afford to loose this English Teacher because of something else” i said as i ran into the classroom.
behold. Blood was everywhere in the class.
i looked around to see if i could see Scott. But he was no where to be found.
within a swift moment, Scott ran into the classroon with a cutlass as students gave way for him to pass.
“Please don’t hurt anybody with that cutlass,” i said to Scott.
but what i said proved abortive as he ran tn where Kayden.
i thought it was over between Kayden. But to my suprised☺️, Scott raised his cutlass and was about lifting it upon Kayden. When Kayden jumped to the other side and released a fast an hot punch on scott’s eyes as Scott groaned and staggered backwards.
Kayden quickly colleted the cutlass and threw it outside.
Scott standed on his feet and tried to punch Kayden. But Kayden rushed at him and started realeasing punchs on him.
“Hey. Stop Fighting” i said but they didn’t even give a f–k to what i was saying.
i tried to distract them. But Kayden refused to let go off Scott.
i tried and tried➡ but they didn’t answer me. So i picked up my phone and called the security men.
“hello, i need you guys at class 4. Make sure you guys arrive within five minutes.” i said and hanged✖️ up the call.
within few minutes. The men came and seperated them while i told them to take Kayden and Scott to my office immediately.
What’s gonna happen inside the principal office??✖️✖️
Will they fight??✊✊✋✋


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