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  I remembered the day I died like it was yesterday. Strange, knowing that was two long years ago. How insane it was to know you had a date with death to reminiscence. Most people remembered birthdays, anniversaries, and even holidays with loved ones. Too bad, I was not most people.

  New Year’s Eve (11:57 P.M.)

  Two years ago, life as I knew it ended.

  My life as a human ended.

  A new life began…

  I stepped on the edge of the roof, my flowing dark hair blowing in the wind. Glancing down, I waited for fear to coil inside me, but I was greeted with nothingness. For the last two years as Marcos’ prisoner, that was the main feeling I had been accustomed to—emptiness.

  “Don’t move!” It was a man that shouted. Turning gracefully on my heel yet still remaining on the edge, I glared at the hulking man pointing a gun at me. Then, suddenly, he wasn’t alone. Fifteen of Marcos’ other guards came pouring onto the rooftop.

  No Marcos.

  Guess the jig was up. They were well aware of my attempt to escape. I took a deep breath, still in an eyelock with the guard who was shouting orders at me. He was commanding me to come back down.

  To what, exactly; two more years of being forced to train and fight? To kill? No! There was no way I was turning back now. We worked too hard to get to this moment.

  Slowly releasing the breath I didn’t need to take, I stepped backward over the edge. As I began to fall, I sent a wink to the guards.

  Catch me if you can, boys.

  I plummeted toward the ground, back first. Rounds of gunfire were drowned out by the explosion of fireworks in the sky. The rush of falling was freeing. I felt weightless. The cool air surrounding me was welcomed.

  As the ground neared, I maneuvered my body and landed in a ground-splitting crouch in the alley. A homeless man in a party hat stared at me with wide eyes. The mangy cat in his arms screeched and jumped free.

  “Hey! You-you scared my cat!” He slurred.

  I ignored him and used the super speed of immortality to escape into the city. I zipped in between cars and crowds of drunken people cheering and kissing. I passed them as nothing more than a brush of wind; moving so fast I couldn’t feel my feet touching the ground.

  I pushed harder; running and running as the blur of the city lights changed into the greens of the forest.


  The word bounced around in my head as I leaped into the trees

  Leaves and branches poked my feet as I ran towards the top.

  But I didn’t care.

  I was free.

  A smile spread across my face as tears thre 
atened to spill from my eyes.

  The fireworks still booming in the sky made me feel as if the world was celebrating my liberation with me. I forced myself not to cry. After everything that had taken place over the last two years, I just wanted to enjoy this moment and not think of the mess that got me here.

  The day that forever changed me and the world as I knew it.

  The day a vampire killed me.


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