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A PURE VAMPIRE … Episode 2



Episode 2


The rest of the morning passes in a blur and before I know it’s time for lunch. You would think being fat lunch would be my favorite time of day but it’s far from it. Here at Mercy Heights the principal thought it would be a great idea that everyone break for lunch at the same time. So for an hour a day all my enemies are in one place.
Do I want to be there? No thanks. Simon and I usual get our lunch then find somewhere not in the cafe to hide out. I had just paid for my sloppy Joe and was waiting for Simon beside me to finish paying for his. If he hurries we can make our escape without bumping into my tormentors. I sigh impatiently watching him count out the exact change when the unthinkable happened.
My sister and a few girls walk up to us smiling. Wait smiling? That can’t be right. I look to Simon who has the same confusion on his face. Deciding quickly not to risk a public fight with her I loop my arm through Simons and attempt to walk away from them. We’re not so lucky.
“Wait sis I want you to sit with us today” Kim tells me nicely. Stunned I freeze on the spot. She cannot be serious. Me? The school loser; the girl she hates most. The she spent the last seven years torturing? I raise an eyebrow at her waiting for the punch line, insult or joke but her and friends just continue smiling at me friendly.
“You-you guys hate me. This has to be a joke” I finally mutter out. My sister waves her hand dismissively taking my hand from Simons
“We’re sisters I could never hate you. Now come on let’s eat!” she exclaims while dragging me to the center table where all the cool kids eat.
I glance back at Simon begging him silently to come with me. He gives me an uncomfortable look before slowly following us. When we reach the table Kim drops my hand to sit on Jace’s lap. I stand awkwardly next to the table. My heart pounds a tattoo on my chest and I get the feeling I should run while I still can.
“Sit!” she commands pointing to an empty chair across from them.
Shakily I sit down and Simon grabs a chair from another table sitting beside me. The whole cafeteria grows quiet and everyone is watching. It’s no secret Kim despises me so I suppose everyone is as surprised by my presence here as I am. Slowly looking up from my tray I notice Kim smirking at me. What’s that about?
I shift uncomfortably in my chair and it squeaks a little. The aura around this table is really making it hard to breathe normally. I can feel Jace’s beautiful eyes on me but fear prevents me from meeting them. Somehow I always manage to get lost there.
“Well aren’t you going to eat?” Kim asks still smirking. I peek down at my sandwich before picking it up carefully and taking a bite. As soon as my lips touch the bun a bright flash nearly blinds me. Kim twirls a camera in her hand shrugging her shoulders innocently.
“What? Mom says I need more pictures of you” she offers as an explanation. My gut twists; the feeling of uneasiness intensifies.
The plastic chair creeks again only this time loudly. A scream flies from my mouth when my chair suddenly collapses. Causing a very unsuspecting me to crash hard on the waiting floor with it.
The whole cafe grows silent before my sister leads the army with laughter.
A jock runs over to me with pink ears and sticks them on my head along with a pink pig nose too. I can’t move the humiliation and sadness weighs me down. I hear the crowd around me laughing and can see multiple flashes from the pictures being taken but still I don’t move.
Disc 2
Sub Theme : A Strange Stranger
My head hangs lower than it has my whole life this very moment. How can she do this to me? She is my only sister. All I ever wanted was to be like her. She used be my hero but now she was my villain. Her constant teasing never went this far. The tears are building, not yet fallen.
I feel something wet slide over my hair and down my face. Milk is dumped over my head by my sister’s laughing best friend Josie. Even still I don’t move. The numbness I feel still prevents my limbs from acting.
Drowning out the laughing and “piggy” name calling along with all other noise I take a moment to just look around. Teachers are trying to clear the laughing students away from the scene. Simon is being held down by two jocks. His face is filled with concern and anger while he thrashes around trying to break their hold. I offer him a small smile loving that at least one person cares.
My sister on the other hand smiles triumphantly at me snapping more pictures. Jace snatches the camera from her and whispers something fiercely in her ear. Her smile drops and her eyes hardened. I wanted for some reason to know what he said but the question barely has time to form when a tomato smacks me in the face. I look to see where it came from but the source is unknown as more food is thrown at me.
Why me? Please I just wish I knew what I ever did to deserve such cruelty? Tears roll down my cheeks; when they started I don’t know. The strong arms of the football coach gently lift me from the ground. The coach softly removes the fake ears and nose. I’m too weak to stop him from helping.
I make the mistake at meeting eyes with Jace and when I see the pity swirling in the depth of his hazel pools my resolve breaks. My hearts shudders. How dare he pity me when he probably played a part in this horrible prank? That’s it! This is the finally straw. They win! They broke me I’m done! I don’t want this life anymore. I can’t take it any longer. The suffering is just not bearable
I angrily rip my arms away from the coach and sprint out the cafe covered in everything served for lunch today. I run to the public bus stop and jump on right before the door closes. After I pay my fare I sit in the back corner and cry. Thank god only a few people are on the bus today and they are all up front because my sobs are anything but quite.
I cry harder thinking back over the last few years and all the things Kim has done to me. Sure she is mean and conceited but for the most part all of our big fights were in the safety of our home. This was an all-new low for her. I never expected her to take her hatred of me this far. The sick feeling coupled with hurt and embarrassment tears at my heart. There is no way I can go back. What would she do next? If she was willing to go this far then there is no telling what she’s capable of?
My tears slow down when I try to form some plan. It’s then that I discovered the bus has stopped. Weakly I stand and exit the bus realizing the last stop is the train station. Huh, maybe this is a sign that running away is the best thing for me. I try to think of the people who would miss me or possibly search for me and the only image I get is Simon and my mom.
Two people? That’s all I have who actually care about me, how pathetic. My own father doesn’t even acknowledge my existence. No, all he has ever cared about was his first born baby girl. I snort out loud at the ridiculous of his thinking seeing as I’m the youngest and technically the baby girl.
Entering the station a heavy set older dark skinned woman sits behind the counter. When I walk up to her she smiles warmly before greeting me.
“Hello sweetheart. How can I help you?” she asks politely. I scrunch up my face because I have no idea how she can help me. I left all my things at school; my bag, wallet and id. Oh my goodness! I’m such an idiot how can I run away without any money. Reaching into my pocket I pull of the fifteen dollars left over from the twenty I used today for lunch. Great, just great where the hell can I go for fifteen freaking dollars?
Tears spring from my eyes before I can stop them. Everyone was right I’m so pathetic and worthless. A real fat loser indeed
“Oh honey, don’t cry” the woman that was behind the counter is now rubbing small circles on my back in a warm embrace. It only serves to make me cry harder and feel even more useless
“There, there dear. Life can be hard I know. I saw the sadness in your eyes the moment you walked up” she coos softly still holding my sticky wet self. Embarrassed by my outburst to a stranger I pull back and smile at her weakly
“The-thanks I’m sorry it’s just been a hard day” my voice cracks towards the end.
The older woman just watches me patiently. She is a sweet woman I can feel it. A part of me wants to break down and tell her everything. Her eyes though tell me I don’t need to. As if she already knows everything just by looking at me. It’s a little unnerving and I begin to fidget under her constant gaze.
“Wait right here honey” she tells me turning around and going back to the counter. She types something into the computer then gets up again disappearing into a back room. That’s odd. What the heck is she doing?
I’m not left wondering long before she comes back to me a little breathless from all the running around. She has a plastic bag in her hand and thrusts it into mine. I grab it but make no move to look inside as I stare at her confused by what’s going on. She finally catches her breathe and explains
“The bathroom is to the left. Inside the bag is a change of clothes that should fit you” she points at the bag. My face changes to shock by her kind gesture. I get ready to thank her when she hands me a white envelope
“This-” she says holding it out waiting for me to take it. Hesitantly I do so
“-Is a train ticket and a little cash. The train will take you to a little town a few hours away called Chance Harbor. Find your way to the town square and look for a restaurant name Louie’s. That’s my brother’s place. Tell him Verna sent you okay honey.” she ends with that warm smile of hers.
Verna gently whips the tears I didn’t even realize we’re falling down my face. It’s all so unbelievable to me that this woman who doesn’t even know my name is going out of her way to help me. This is one act of kindness I will never forget.
Verna goes on to tell me her brother could help me with a job without id as long as I behave and keep a low profile until I’m ready to come home and face my problems. She is such a wise old woman reading my eyes like an open book. In between sobs I thank her profusely. She dismisses it shooing me away to the bathroom to clean up before I board the train.
I rush inside and change out of my disgusting clothes thankful that Verna is also on the larger side and the sweats and T-shirt fit just fine. When I finish she is back at her seat behind the counter carrying on normally. I wave sheepishly thanking her with a smile that reaches my eyes. She waves back shouting
“Take care honey, I’m sure we’ll cross paths again Analise.” and with that she continues helping the man in front of her. I board the train still slightly shocked by her kindness. It’s not until I’m comfortably seated in the back that I remember I never told Verna my name. So how did she know it?


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