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A PURE VAMPIRE … Episode 1


Episode 1

A sad family life

Two years ago, 2010
“Get off your fat ass Ana! Time for school”
I pull the covers over my head in attempt to hide from my evil older sister Kim’s shouting in the hall. She is such a bitch at home and school. And why wouldn’t she be? She is skinny, pretty with brown eyes and now blonde hair since mom finally let her dye it. Oh let’s not forget popular, yeah like Kim will let anybody forget who she is. I snort to myself at the thought.
Not looking forward to the day but not having any other options, I throw the pink blanket off and drag myself to the bathroom to get ready. I stop in front of the full length mirror behind my closed door and stare at the girl reflected as she stares back at me.
How come she can’t be more beautiful like Kim?
Instead she has dull dark brown hair that barely reaches her shoulders. She is short reaching a height of 5″4 and the worse part of all is she is fat, not chubby, but fat weighing in a whopping 275lbs. I growl at that girl staring at me before walking to my dresser picking jeans and a baggy hoodie to hide in for the day. I find my big dorky glasses next to my bed and slip them on over my blue eyes It was always strange that my eye color was so different from the brown eyes all my family members have, but being the only fat ugly one too I let it go quickly.
Hurrying through my morning routine I grab my backpack and race downstairs for breakfast. Dad is already gone and mom smiles sweetly at me before motioning me to the table to eat the bacon and eggs she prepared. Mm how I love bacon. How on earth can anyone be a vegetarian with bacon in the world! It just sounds insane.
Kim sits across from me eating an apple glaring at me, so I shove more food in my mouth and then open it for her to see. She shudders in disgust before dramatically leaving the table going to the kitchen. Ha take that skank! I mumble into my plate.
“Mom please take her to school I can’t deal with the embarrassment today” Kim begs. Mom opens her mouth to defend me but I cut her off with my own reply
“Embarrassed by me? You should be embarrassed that you’re repeating the 10th grade” I yell with a smirk. She scoffs.
Turning back to my food I smile in satisfaction knowing that I won that round. Its Funny that my seventeen year old popular and beautiful sister couldn’t pass end of the year exams
OR summer school.
Now we will both start the 10th grade year togethe,r with the exception that I’m sixteen and a real sophomore.
Kim comes back to the table and I can tell by the look in her eye she’s out for blood; my blood. Even so I stand and meet her glare with fake courage. This is usual between us. Fights, fights and more fights.
“It doesn’t matter that I have to repeat a grade because I will always have the satisfaction of being prettier and more popular than you. You’re a fat ugly worthless loser.” she ends with a smug look on her face
“Enough!” my mother shouts obviously overheard our little chat.
“Kim go to school! Ana I will take you to school today seeing as you two might kill each other” my mom announces while passing us to get her shoes.
Kim and I continue to stare each other down. The only way to describe the look on Kim’s face is victorious. Although I’m sure it’s due to the unshed tears in my eyes than the fact that she got out of us riding to school together. She bumps my shoulder roughly as she passes me to get to the door.
Once it slams shut, my resolve breaks and the tears flow like a waterfall. I never understood my sisters’ hatred for me because we used to be close when we were little. That was until he came along…
A soft touch on my back snaps me into action and I angrily wipe the tears from my face. I turn to see my mother giving me that pitying look like she always does after our fight and before she can speak I stomp past her out the front door. I’m in no mood to hear her advice on how to handle my sister. My wish is she would grow a backbone and punish daddies little princess.

Ten minutes later we pull up in front of the school. I waste no time jumping out of the van ignoring my mom completely. Sometimes she can be so frustrating especially when it comes to Kim and me. One day I want to see her put that spoiled brat in her place. Until then I suffer in silence…
Kim and her loyal league of cheer leading bimbos are standing outside chatting in front of the main school doors. They laugh and flirt with boys as if they haven’t a care in the world. A pang of envy sparks in my chest. I wonder what that feels like?
Taking my eyes off them and putting them on the parking lot, I search for my only friend Simon. He’s a tall scrawny boy and the next biggest loser at this school after me. Simon and I have been best friends for six years. He was new to the school and his love of science didn’t exactly make him any friends. This was the time in my life that Kim had excluded me and I began to eat away my problems. Simon found me crying in the corner of the library but instead of asking questions he just sat beside me and gave me half his pb and j sandwich. From that moment on he’s been my best friend.
After searching for a minute he finally pulls up in his very beat up 1990 cavalier. Still can’t believe that thing runs. Simon gets outs and meets me on the sidewalk; flashing me his metal mouth in a wide smile. I smile back and we walk into school together ignoring the names I’m being called by my sister and her friends.
We get to class early and sit in the back per my usual request. You know those type of nerdy kids that do everything they can to stay invisible? Yeah that’s me and Simon.
“So I got an early start on our end of the year project” Simon says. I give him a strange look taking out my history book from my backpack.
“The year just started Simon; don’t you think your jumping the gun a little?” I ask with a soft smile. He blushes, then shrugs nonchalantly and pulls out his own book as the last students file in. I peek up through my thick frames in time to see my sister walk in along with him…
My stomach immediately does flip flops at the sight of the one and only guy I ever liked. Jace Thompson.
His tall muscular frame is covered with jeans and a form fitting black shirt. It looked perfect on him in a bad boy way. Jace wasn’t a bad boy contrary to his looks he was just Jace. His thick rust colored hair is fanned up away from his strong model sculpted face. He laughs at something while walking to his seat giving me a peak at his dimples. Mm how I love to see those dimples .
Just before he sits his hazel eyes meet with mine, freezing the air around us. The undeniable sparks fly between us like the first time we met all those years ago and every time we looked at each other after.
Too bad the trance is broken when my whore of a sister waltz up and plants a steaming kiss on his lips all the while looking at me. She doesn’t care about him, he is just a toy she uses to hurt me.
I break contact not being able to stand looking at them any longer, hurt and jealousy bubbling in my pit. Luckily Mrs. Smith comes in and begins the history lesson.
“Ok class today-” she begins to go over the lesson and I tune her out.

Let sophomore year begin.

  Oh, joy!

  Note the sarcasm


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