June 18, 2021

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A Married Woman Is Blackmailing My Husband-please Advise

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I need your advice on this matter. I really am confused and hurt. I do not know who to turn to. My husband and I have been married for 8 years,we have four children. About four months ago, I found out that he was having an affair with a lady in our church,who he helped to get a job in the same company where they work.

This lady is even engaged to be married.I was devastated by this betrayal. How I found out was when I travelled with the children during the covid-19 lock down period. Myself and the children were trapped in Calabar where we went for Easter holiday. Every day,my husband would call to say he misses me and all .

So, I decided to surprise him.I took a very big risk by travelling back to Lagos. We took some dangerous routes to avoid being caught by police and all. I was so determined to give him a surprise that I did not call him at all.

I got to Lagos around 7pm that day. I was able to get to our home in Festac around 8.30pm. I have my own key so I opened the door into our house and instead of surprising my husband who was claiming to be missing me all day,I was surprised when I walked into my husband making love to another woman.

I screamed. They jumped and my husband looked like he saw a ghost. They were locked in intimacy in my bedroom. This was like a
Nollywood movie. I never would have believed my own husband would have been able to do this,if I did not catch him red handed.

Our marriage was not perfect but I never had any reason to suspect my husband of
cheating. I thought our marriage was over. I recognized this girl who is engaged to someone in our church. I could not believe what was going on behind my back.

My husband begged and begged. He said he did not want anyone to know about the affair because he could be suspended at work. My husband is a manager in their company. Even to though I was so hurt, I decided to forgive, not to end my marriage because of this one mistake. At least, that was what I thought when this happened four months ago.

Well, to my greatest surprise, I found out that this girl got married last weekend and my husband bought her a car as a wedding gift. I did not know anything about the car until the husband of this girl called me to thank me specially for the car and that they planned to come thank us but my husband said that I was not in town.

I was shocked again. I confronted my husband. Why would he buy a car for this girl and her husband. And he said that the girl was planning to expose my husband and their affair to the management of their company if my husband did not buy a car for her.

I was like : so the car is for the girl to be quiet about the affair? Her husband is not aware …he thinks its just a gift? He said yes. This really hurt me because not only is this girl equally at fault for the affair, she is blackmailing my husband for it. I feel very angry about this.

I do not understand why my husband is allowing the girl to manipulate him. I feel like he is not telling me the whole truth. What if he is still involved with her? I want to expose this girl but my husband is begging me. Saying that if I do,she will tell everyone in the company about him and ruin his reputation and he will be suspended,if not loose his job.

Do you believe my husband? What if everyone knows? Is the girl too not going to loose out if the affair is exposed? I hope these people are not taking me for a fool? How do I make sure this is not a plot to deceive me. I pity that man who married that girl. Not knowing his wife’s lover bought them a car.

I need to talk to someone. I am not happy about the affair or the car or even the fact that they work in the same place and may still be seeing each other. Is she truly blackmailing my husband or my husband is just making up this story? I need advise before I loose my mind.

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